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Black Narmadeshwar Shivling with Yonibase

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Natural black colored narmada banalingam seated on a brass yoni base.

The Narmada is one of the five holy rivers of India. The Ramayana, the Mahabharat, and the Puranas refer to it frequently.The Rewa Khand of Vayu Purana and the Rewa Khand of Skanda Purana are entirely devoted to the story of the birth and the importance of the river,and hence Narmada is also called the Rewa.Another legend says, once Lord Shiva, meditated so hard that he started perspiring.Shiva's sweat accumulated in a tank and started flowing in the form of a river – the Narmada.
Legends also say that for Lord Shiva, the Hindu God,this river is especially sacred on account of its origin, and it is often called Shankari,i.e.daughter of Shankar (Lord Shiva).All the pebbles rolling on its bed are said to take the shape of his emblem with the saying,"Narmada Ke Kanker utte Sankar"(a popular saying in the Hindi belt of India), which means that'pebble stones of Narmada get a personified form of Shiva'.These lingam shaped stones (cryptocrytalline quartz),called Banalinga also called (Banashivalingas) are much sought after for daily worship.
Worshipping one bana-linga gets the benefits that can be obtain by worshipping a carore of other lingas. The Lingam is considered to be the “form of the formless”. These Banlingas are considered to be “alive” even without Pranapratishta (process of installation).
The stone represents the blending of male and female energy,with the shape of the stone representing the male (knowledge),and the markings representing the female (wisdom).Narmadeshawara Lingam stones are sacred in both Hindu and Buddhist beliefs.
Possessing this Shivalingam is considered highly auspicious and is believed to bring peace, progeny, luck, wealth, fame and prosperity.Importance of Narmadeshwar Lingam is mentioned in the Shiva Purana.It is said that Lord Shiva blesses the place where Narmadeshwar Lingam is kept and worshipped.
They do not need to be ceremoniously installed or duly consecrated.They do not even require going through the normal ritual of invocation of divine presence (Avahana), for the divine presence is already there and will continue to be there,quite independently of the rituals.This is clearly and boldly stated by the “Marka Bheda Tantra” (Patala 7). In fact, the “Yoga Sara” (Chapter 5) claims that by merely thinking about Bana Lingam early in the morning,a person can gain success in all the tasks of the day.
The sacred Narmada Shivlinga stones can be used to remove negativity and harness and transmit harmonious vibrations throughout a home and office.
Abhishek is a religious ceremony of holy bath given to a deity. The word abhishek means a sprinkling. It is derived from the root sic, to wet, and with the prefix abhi, "around," Abhisheka is literally, "wetting around." An Abhishek is the bathing part of a puja that usually is done with sacred water. In puja, a deity is called, seated, greeted, bathed, dressed, fed and praised. The bathing of the deity is the ABHISHEKA part of the puja. During an elaborate bathing ceremony a deity is bathed not only in water, but also with milk, yogurt, butter milk, honey, clarified butter, sugar, and all kinds of fruit juices. After this bathing, the sacred image is dressed, ornamented, fed and praised with hymns accompanied with bells, drums and other instruments.

Offering Sugar cane juice, for example, help please the Goddess of wealth – Laxmi. The various other offerings have different meaning and gives different results to the devotee. Offering honey may bring riches and financial gains, milk would help a person attain a baby boy, ghee is offered to expand your family lineage and have a fulfilling life, offering Ganga water would help devotees to attain Moksha, and pure water Abhishek would help remove troubles from one’s life and fulfill special wishes.

Thus, one should be aware of the type of Abhishek you wish to offer and the kind of blessings you wish to gain. Offering Abhishek is of grave importance and has a lot of prominence in Hindu culture. It pleases the almighty, brings peace of mind and makes one realize of the purpose of life. One becomes more open to embrace life and the realities associated with it.

Height of Set: 9 inches
Height of Yonibase: 4.75 inches
Length of Yonibase: 9.75 inches
Width of Yonibase: 5 inches
Height of lingam: 5 inches
Weight of Set: 2.5 kgs

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